Book - Asset Management whole-life management of physical assets

Author : Chris Lloyd (Edited by)

For the foreseeable future, organisations, industries and whole economies which depend on the availability and condition of physical assets are going to succeed or fail on their ability to manage them efficiently and sustainably with limited or insufficient resources.

Whole-life management of physical assets offers policy makers, regulators and businesses a way of keeping down costs, safeguarding high quality essential services for future generations and moving towards a low carbon economy. In recent years, government departments and industries have appointed asset management directors, teams and champions, but often without the requisite knowledge of awareness of the need for fundamental organisational and cultural reform strategic asset management demands.

Written by an expert team of authors from a wide range of corporate, academic and public sector backgrounds, Asset Management is the first book to formulate coherent, multi-disciplinary approach to the subject.  Each contribution draws on international data and case studies of good and bad practice from a wide range of sectors including the rail and utilities sectors, oil and gas, process and manufacturing industries, public sector estate management, climate change research and major civil engineering works.

This book is as relevant to decision makers responsible for designing and implementing asset management strategies as it is to people coming to asset management for the first time.  It challenges the reader to consider the competing needs for short-term efficiencies and long-term sustainability and gives practical advice on how these can be resolved.

Edited by Chris Lloyd,

Paperback, 242 pages

Published 2010

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