Heating specialist achieves BIM compliance

Commercial heating and hot water equipment specialist Stokvis Energy Systems has achieved BIM level 2 compliance on its most popular product lines.
    The manufacturer’s technical experts, working with an external consultancy, have spent over a year generating hundreds of 3D models and product data sheets for its equipment.
    BIM – or building information modelling – is a growing trend in the construction industry and, at level 2, promotes the sharing, analysis and re-use of information, some of which can be expressed in digital object based models.
    The investment by Stokvis is set to benefit both specifiers and users of its products, with the data sheets providing supplier details, general product information, maintenance requirements and links to further documentation.
    “The product data sheets along with the 3D model will aid designers to check system compatibility and prevent physical clashes,” said Stokvis Energy Systems commercial and technical director Andrew Dimbleby.
    “For the installer they will simplify the installation, as well as serving as valuable reference documents in the 3D built environment for facilities management throughout the life of a building.”
    He added: “This has been a very considerable commitment of resources for us because of the huge range of heat exchangers, boilers and other equipment we produce – all of which had to be drawn and their unique technical details incorporated.”
     Stokvis Energy Systems is set to continue making available BIM compliant product data sheets on the remainder of its product range, working in cooperation with industry body CIBSE and others.