Company News & Product Review - Rethink Water – To Maximise Benefits


New year. New challenges. New ways of thinking. With ever increasing sustainability, regulatory and financial pressures, now is the time to Rethink Water with the help of Veolia Water Technologies. The Circular Economy initiatives operated by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) have achieved water reductions in many industries so what more can you do in 2017? Rethinking water with Veolia can open up a wide range of opportunities to manage your water more efficiently, reduce consumption and save money via water reuse or reduced discharge costs.

With mains water costing £1 per m3 and sewer discharge costing double that, every cubic metre of water that is recycled can generate cost savings of around £4.50. Veolia’s range of packaged water and wastewater treatment technologies are cost effective.  They include biological membrane processes capable of treating high COD wastewaters, such as those produced in food and beverage manufacturing, to better-than-potable quality for boiler make-up or cleaning in place, with the added advantage of biogas generation as a renewable energy source. Recalcitrant wastewaters for example from the pharmaceutical industry can be concentrated by evaporation to reduce volumes for off-site disposal while recovering condensate for boiler or cooling tower make-up and raw materials for recycling. High recovery reverse osmosis (RO) systems can produce high quality water from a range of chemical industry wastewaters including primary RO reject minimising discharges to sewer. In fact, Veolia technologies can help any industry to Rethink Water as a valuable raw material.

Veolia has produced a white paper Ensuring Stability and Resilience in Sustainable Water Technologies to help you to identify opportunities and online Reco Solutions calculators to show the financial savings you’ll be able to make. So make it your New Year’s resolution to Rethink Water in your business, and visit our website to access the online calculators to review your water needs and calculate your potential savings.

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