Maintenance Directory

The Maintenance Directory lists over 2000 companies offering a wide range of engineering, and other, products and services to maintenance and engineering professionals in industrial and commercial organisations.

Use the Search facilities by either typing in your own key word(s) or use the drop down menu, with over 140 categories, to find companies that are selling the products/services that you require.


Add your company to the Maintenance Directory

Companies can have a standard 30 word entry in the Maintenance Directory completely FREE of charge for a period of twelve months. The entry will show the address, telephone number and give a short summary of what companies offer, but not their website address.

For those companies who wish to raise their profile above the standard free entry, we offer two types of upgrade.

 - Hyperlinked entry

In addition to the company’s address, telephone number and 30 word summary, a hyperlinked entry shows the company’s website address, which is linked to their website.

Charge: £99 per annum.

  - Enhanced entries
These stand out above other entries in the Directory as they are in a different style/colour to the standard and hyperlinked entries, and include the company’s web address (which again links to the company’s website).  Crucially, when someone uses the search facility in the Directory the enhanced entries are presented first when the results are displayed. 

Charge: £200 per annum.

Click here to add your company to the Maintenance Directory.